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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 23, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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burns. burns ♪ >> reporter: cnn, new york. >> that's it for he. thank you very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer. join us weekdays from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. eastern. every saturday at 6:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. and at this time every weekend on cnn international. the news continues next on cnn. i'm don lemon. this hour in the cnn newsroom -- >> it sounded like -- i couldn't understand really what happened. >> a massacre in norway. a home-grown terrorist kills nearly 100 people, most of them children gathered at a youth camp. new information this hour about what the suspect is telling police. ♪ make me attack to bring me back ♪ and breaking news out of london. singer and long-time drug abuser amy winehouse is found dead in her home. this hour, reaction from
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hollywood. and movement in just the last hour on efforts to end the debt crisis. you've heard that phrase a lot in the last few weeks. but what does it mean to you and your personal finances? the answers for you this hour in the cnn newsroom. i ran around for five minutes, then i started swimming. >> reporter: was he shooting at you in the ocean? >> yes, and in it. >> reporter: were people around you hit? >> yes. >> final moments spent in unimaginable fear. two attacks in norway. at least 92 people dead, 85 of them at a youth camp. seven dead in a bombing in the capital, oslo. one man arrested and charged in both of the terrorist attacks. that man identified by a right winger. a christian fundamentalist. but police now say they haven't ruled out the possibility that others were involved. the accounts from the youth camp
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are chilling. witnesses say a man showed up in a police uniform, reportedly asked to address the campers and started firing. >> there was about 20 to 30 of us trying to swim over. i saw a few of them being shot in the water. and there was a very powerful water -- you could see the water breaking around and could see when the water turned red. >> it's important that we stay together and keep strong. we can't let a coward like that stop us. because going on to an island with only youths and killing them, and they have no way to escape -- that's a cowardless act. >> because the camp is run by norway's ruling labor party, investigators believe the attack could have been politically motivated. the attack followed a car bombing outside a government building not far away in oslo. a witness now says she saw the gunman buy six tons of fertilizer in may. the material can be used to make
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bombs. we have more now live from oslo. jim, this is an horrific story. is the search for more victims going on tonight? >> reporter: well, there isn't necessarily a search for more bombing victims. as you say, seven were confirmed killed in the bombing. all the focus today has been out of the island. many norwegians went to bed on friday thinking that maybe 10 to 12, maybe 15 young people had been killed. and then very early in the morning it was announced that it was more than 80. and then you had the situation where many people woke up to find the number is beyond 90 -- unimaginable. even more unimaginable because they're realizing, of course, that this alleged perpetrator is a al gore we -- a norwegian, might have been a islamic fundamentalist, or that oslo had attacks from people from the outside. they're learning today even more that it was attacks on the inside, don. as oslo woke up saturday
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morning, the terrible truth had already been confirmed. more than 80 young people massacred at a retreat for the labor party youth group. 600 to 700 were there for the weekend. there was nowhere to go as the shooter used his machine pistol for two hours, say witnesses. throughout the morning, survivors of the island massacre gave harrowing accounts of how they escaped. >> as he was yelling he's going to kill you all and you will die. he pointed his gun at me but didn't pull the trigger. he left and returned maybe an hour later when a few other people had found me and gathered around me. then people started running around because they didn't know where to run. he suddenly showed up and shot almost everyone. >> reporter: the alleged shooter arrested on the islands friday, also officially linked to the terrible bombing in central oslo. a 32-year-old norwegian man, police are investigating his
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extreme right wing views. >> he's a suspect -- police are monitoring potentially dangerous groups continuously. we cannot provide more specifics on this guy. this guy has not been on the police radar it seems. >> reporter: in an early morning press conference, the prime minister said he feared he would know some of the young people killed on the island. he visited every year since 1974. >> especially heavy when it's difficult -- a lot of those i know. i know quite a few who lost their loves. i know the parents of several who lost their lives. and this happened at a place where i became politically active. and i said earlier today that it was a paradise for youngsters.
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and yesterday it was turned into a hell. >> reporter: the prime minister called a meeting of his cabinet saturday. there were a number of government buildings badly damaged friday. the prime minister called an o all norwegians to do what they can, to aid those affected by the biggest one day of killing in the country since the second world war. john, the lawyer for the accused has gone on local television to say his actions were atrocious but necessary and will explain all in court on monday. don? >> tim boulden in oslo, norway, thank you. to washington now where saturday evening brings a new meeting and possibly new hope for a deal to raise the nation's debt ceiling. top congressional leaders sat down for talks within the last hour or so, and our kate bou
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boubould -- kate bouluan itself hear. >> reporter: it's a fluid situation, no agreement yet. first we should show viewers, the meeting happened, the congressional leaders that are working toward the compromise since the negotiations between house speaker john boehner and president obama so dramatically broke down just last night. so they came together, this meeting was called. the leaders are sitting down together. and we went in for a photo opportunity, of course, tried our best to get zesz answered. i think we can show our viewers what we heard and talk about what they worked on after. >> is there anything you can say to reassure the american public that you will get a deal before the deadline? >> nice to see you all. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: so maybe an uncomfortable silence, but it doesn't necessarily mean they weren't working.
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we're told by a democratic congressional source that this meeting was called over a big impasse between these congressional leaders on these now fresh negotiations between them, don. the impasse is over a part this proposal that we've now learned that house speaker john boehner is pushing, and it has proposed to some members on a conference call earlier today. this proposal would raise the debt ceiling but would also come with $3 trillion to $4 trillion in cuts but would require a two-step process. and that's where the big impasse is according to democratic sources over this two-step process. one source putting it to me pretty clearly, it was rejected in the meeting. this person said neither reed nor pelosi nor the president will agree to any deal that does not increase the debt ceiling, the debt limit through 2012. that seems to be the impasse where they are now. i will tell you one point this a source says that was agreed on in the room is that they want to reach some agreement before asian markets open tomorrow. so they are actively working.
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if we take anything away from this afternoon, maybe one part of a proposal might be rejected. they are definitely working to try to reach a compromise this evening, don. >> kate bolduan, thank you very much. appreciate your reporting. coming up in ten minutes, the debt ceiling debate goes far beyond washington. how will it affect your bottom line? i'll talk with a personal finance expert and get his advice on how you can prepare. for the latest on the negotiations, watch "state of the union" tomorrow. our candy crowley's guest will be treasury secretary timothy good nighter in who has been at the center of the talks from the very beginning. 9:00 a.m. eastern sunday. "state of the union." former joint chiefs chairman general john shack shalikashvili has died from a stroke. he learned english from watching john wanye movies. president obama called him an extraordinary statesman whose life represented the promise of america. the general was 75.
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next, what happened to grammy winner amy winehouse? my management at the time kind of stepped over and thought they were being the good guys by stepping in and strong-arming me into a rehabilitation center. but didn't really need it. >> the troubled singer was found dead in her apartment in london. a live report is coming up. and 29 people treated at a ballpark due to the intense heat. we'll tell you where and if there's any relief in sight. a lot of you have been asking for information and sending information on social media. you can reach out to us, twitter, facebook, and on foursquare. the book is called "transparent." woman: saving for our child's college fund was getting expensive. man: yes it was. so to save some money, we taught our 5 year old how to dunk. woman: scholarship!
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i'm aware of reports that the death is a suspected drug overdose. i would like to re-emphasize that no post mortem examination has taken place, and it would be inappropriate to speculate on the cause of death. >> police talking about the death of amy winehouse. a gifted singer cursed by addiction problems. dead at the age of 27. police found her inside her apartment in london. and as you heard, investigators at this point don't know how she died. winehouse was as well-known for her substance abuse as for her talent. "showbiz tonight" has more. good evening to you. you have been hearing hollywood express its condolences all afternoon, haven't you? >> reporter: yes, yeah. you can imagine, especially with a young singer like this, the entertainment world and beyond is stunned over amy winehouse's death. at the popular comic book
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convention, comic-con, in san diego, where stars go to promote movies, we've gotten reaction from celebrities including vivica a. fox. believe it or not, we broke the sad news to her in this emotional interview you're about to hear now. >> to kids out there -- you guy, learn that drugs are not the way out. it may glam orrize it, and you may think it's the life of a rock star. but wow, please say no, say no to drugs, and live, be healthy, happy, and prosperous. and may amy rest in peace. copy don, i can't emphasize enough right now. you heard from the london official off the top. we don't know how the singer died. if drugs played a part. sure, she had her very public struggles with alcohol, addiction, rehab. but police are cautioning reports floating out there inferring that she could have possibly died from a drug overdose. they say they won't know until
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the autopsy is performed. don? >> yeah, but the realty is that she had problems, and that was part of her life. we don't know what happened but it would be disingenuous not to mention that. considering belgrade in june, she had to leave the stage because people were booing her. what are police saying about how she was found? i? information on that? >> reporter: we have some information. her body, again, found earlier today in her london apartment. don, the circumstances were just bizarre. we saw video of -- of a covered body being taken out on a stretcher, placed in a private ambulance. london police say they were called to a home which matched winehouse's address saturday afternoon in response to a woman found deceased. that was a call they got. she was pronounced dead on the scene. there were reportedly hundreds of people outside the singer's home from fans paying respects to police trying to contain the area. you can imagine the commotion there. winehouse, such a talented singer who became the darling of the u.k. with her 2003 debut
4:16 pm
album. she really blew up big and became an international star four years later with her second album, "back to black." she cleaned up at the 2008 grammy awards winning five trophies. there was just so much drama at that time about whether or not she would show up pause of her public problems with drugs and alcohol. she even sang famously about her personal demons in that 2007 hit song. you know what i'm talking about, "rehab." i just got off the phone with the head of the recording academies which produces the grammys. he said it's a tremendously sad time for everyone now, adding winehouse was a ray of sunshine and rocket that bolted upon the scene in the u.k., and he hopes she'll be remembered for her music and trials instead of her trials and rehabilitations. i know you played the video of winehouse being booed off the belgrade stage, staggering, stumbling, just a mess on stage. that's why so many people can't help but associate it perhaps
4:17 pm
with something else. we won't know until the autopsy is done. and her family, we're told, will be issuing a statement tomorrow. don? >> very sad. one of the talented ones. so much, you know, with the young pop stars who really can't sing, and it's backed up by computers. she had an amazing voice and was very talented. so sad. thank you very much, we appreciate it. >> reporter: thanks, don. what do you do to beat the heat? how about standing outside with your hands on an air conditioner instead of inside enjoying it? we'll explain what's going on. and we have the forecast in two minutes. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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i blame both parties for the stalemate. >> all of the people who are responsible for this are elected to do a job. if i did my job like that, i'd be fired. >> tell it. tell it. those are some people we talked with this week about the impasse and the debt ceilingnegot yagdss. it seems no one is happy with the lack of progress. you heard them. the debt clock is ticking away as the debt ceiling crisis continues to be unresolved. we've been hearing how all of this may affect the nation's budget. but what about your budget? what about your budget? what should you be doing with your personal finances as the
4:21 pm
uncertainty continues? joining us to talk about you, what you should be doing, not the lawmakers, is our personal finance expert, jordan goodman. jordan, thank you very much for joining us. >> great to be with you, don. >> you say people should buy gold and silver? why? >> well, that's a place that people are going to as a place of safety. if the treasuries aren't going to be useful for them, gold's the place to go. so you're seeing gold already up to $1,600 an ounce. silver up to $40 an ounce. that's telling you how nervous people are with holding treasuries these days. >> people are really nervous, and they don't have a lot of confidence that lawmakers are going to get things done by the deadline. let's talk about it. used to be your biggest investment. now it's a burden for a lot of people. your home. what about your mortgage? in the days left until the deadline, people should refinance and get a mortgage with a lower rate, can they do it? do they have enough time? >> yeah. there is time. i mean, we have incredibly low
4:22 pm
mortgage rates now. about 4.5%, something like that. so these are not going to last. if we do default or get close to it, you'll see interest rates go up a lot on mortgages. so you should definitely refinance if you can. there's a web site that can help people do that., that can help get much lower rate. if they're at 5% or higher, it will make sense to do. that another strategy they can use is what's called equity optimization where they actually refinance into what's called a home equity line of credit, a heloc, at 3.5%, something like that. you can pay your mortgage off typically in five years instead of 30 on the same level of income you've got today. there's a web site people can find out about that, that is a good thing to take advantage of it now. the low rates aren't going to last forever. >> that is amazing if you can, you know, to be able to do that. i want to ask you another big investment for most people. 401(k). what should we be doing with
4:23 pm
your 401(k) if anything right now? >> i wouldn't panic. you know, what happens is people panic at the low, we're going to go through something similar to what we did three years ago with the lehman brothers crisis. and remember the stock market fell very sharply at that time? the people who sold and panicked didn't feel too good about it later because they sold at the low. so i really wouldn't change the allocations of the 401(k) because of this. but it's going to be a scary time, the next two weeks or so, as we go through this. >> i have to ask you, would you invest in real estate or would you put money in the markets? >> i wouldn't put too much in the stock market right now. but i would go into hard assets. gold, silver, oil is up to about $100 a barrel. so i would go into those kind of things. that's what's going to do well as a flight to safety. but people are going to be worrying about what's happening, treasury securities. one place to go, high-quality corporate bonds. >> okay. i've got to run -- >> exxon, at&t, and ibm become the new uncle sam. >> i have to run, but good advice. we'll put this on our blog. thanks again to jordan.
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man as the lone suspect in custody, anders behring breveck, a right wing fundamentalist. the people died at a youth camp run by the ruling labor party. at least seven others died in an earlier car bombing in the capital, oslo. we're tracking developments this hour from washington on the debt ceiling talks. congressional leaders from both party held a late afternoon meeting trying to forge some sort of a deal. they also met for less than an hour this morning at the white house with president obama. no deal yet, but they have agreed to reach a compromise in the next 24 hours or so to avoid disruptions to the world's financial market. a cross made of steel beams from new york's fallen world trade center is now in its permanent new home, it was moved from a church in lower manhattan to a new site where the memorial and museum will stand. the cross was found standing upright in the rubble at ground zero. it was blessed by a priest
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before it was moved. much of the nation is dealing with this brutal heat wave. and i mean brutal heat wave. temperatures reached triple digits again today up and down the east coast. and there is little respite from the heat even at the ballpark. at the philadelphia phillies' home game against the chicago cubs friday, at least 29 people had to be treated for heat-related problems. temperatures there had climbed past 100 degrees before 10:00 a.m. jacqui jeras, our meteorologist, joining us from the cnn severe weather center. can you imagine? >> i can't imagine what it would be like to be in a stadium when it's that hot. i know a lot of them have set up free water stations to help prevent problems. my husband and kids were going to the atlanta beat magic jack game tonight, world's professional soccer, professional players from the world cup, will be there. i told them to bring the water, dress cool, you better make sure wear a hat to protect you in
4:29 pm
case you're not in the shade. all kinds of things that you can do to try and protect yourself -- >> you're such a mom. >> you know, i got kids. you got do. it you got to stay safe. people are dying. more than 30 people have died in this heat. emergency rooms reporting the number of people they are seeing is up because people are getting sick. we're starting to get to the point where temperatures are going down and records are starting to trickle in. look at some from today already. atlantic city, new jersey, 105. norfolk, 103. 102 in baltimore. philly at 101 and 100 in new york city at central park. that's just the temperature on the thermometer, not to mention the temperature your body is feeling which is well above that and still feeling like plenty of triple digits across the east and central part of the u.s. we've had some heat relief across the upper midwest. when is everybody else going to get it? unfortunately, folks in the southern plains, not really going to get it so much. today is the 22nd consecutive day in dallas that you've had 100 degrees or more. the fifth longest stretch of
4:30 pm
triple digits that you've ever seen. we've had this big dome of high pressure, this heat dome that's been sitting, and it's finally going to sink slowly to the south just for the northern tier. so places like new york city on northward will get a break for tomorrow. at least some people are going to be feeling a little better. >> any break, any break. >> anything. >> and what about this -- what better way to cool off from the heat than with a free air conditioner worth $4,000? >> oh, yeah. >> contestants at wisconsin's lincoln county fair want to take it home, they have to keep at least one hand on the unit at all times in order to win it. the contest started friday morning and will go until the final person is standing. at last word, just four out of the 15 contestants remain. they cannot sit, but they do get a five-minute break every four hours, and if the contest lasts until monday, organizers may decide on a tiebreaker. >> they need to use that when they're done. >> i know. right? i wonder if they get two smaller ones for $2,000 each.
4:31 pm
i don't know. all right. a tragic day in the world of music to tell you about. singer amy winehouse dead at the age of 27. and while it may sound cynical to say that the world saw it coming, there were so many warning signs along the way. ♪ two shades whiter and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth. years ago, my mother taught me. and over the years, i've taught my family. we've created so much here together. so when my doctor said that over those years my high cholesterol was contributing to plaque buildup in my arteries, i listened. and that's why i'm fighting my cholesterol with crestor. [ male announcer ] when diet and exercise alone aren't enough, adding crestor does more than lower bad cholesterol and raise the good. crestor is also proven to slow plaque buildup in arteries.
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♪ ♪ for some time >> amy winehouse in what turned out to be one of her last public performances, stumbling, slurring, that was supposed to be the start of her big european comeback tour in serbia. instead she canceled all the shows after that. and now we're left with that as a final image of great but profoundly troubled talent. now want to bring in maureen o'connor, staff writer for, a site that's followed winehouse's ups and downs for years now. maureen, we don't know the exact cause of her death, but there were so many warning signs about this issue, at least about the issue of abuse, weren't there? >> sure.
4:35 pm
amy had been hospitalized many times for both drug overdoses and for other -- for falling down, for fainting, for things that signaled that even in her 20s she was very medically compromised. she had two -- at least two confirmed stints in rehab. multiple times she said she was in forms of addiction treatment. ever since after "back to black," her album in 2006, she couldn't really hold a job. she had to cancel concerts all the time. she was supposed to be working on music and albums, and it never quite happened. for anyone that's known an addict, it felt almost uncomfortably familiar. this person who is talented and good at things, yet she couldn't hold it together. she was arrested five times over the course of the last five years of her life for drug-related charges, for getting into fights and assaults, and it's really the portrait of somebody who bounces back and forth between rehab, police stations, between toxic relationships in the last few years of her life. >> we're showing this video from "the sun," which shows her smoking and heating up a pipe
4:36 pm
there. we can imagine what she would be smoking if this is indeed true. weeks later, days later she ended up in rehab after this video surfaced. is this how she's going to be remembered? i hope not. >> you know, i hope not, too, but this, sadly, of the last five years of her life that she spent more time in the public eye doing things like this than she actually did in the public eye producing music, which i think is a great tragedy. and i guess that's the toll that addiction takes on people. after this incident with the video, actually she was questioned by police under suspicion of using crack-cocaine, but actually they ended up not charging her for this because they couldn't -- the evidence wasn't strong enough. but it's sort of that life on the cusp of completely falling apart for a really long time. >> yeah. is this a lesson for young people and famous people? >> you know, i think -- we've seen a lot of people sort of --
4:37 pm
and over the years, all kinds of people from years ago, kurt cobain, jimmy men districts. today now we -- jimi hendrix. today now we see -- lindsay lohan was back in court, reprimanded by the judge. i had a progress report for her probation. i think these examples, it's hard to know whether it's the name feeds and enables these people or whether we're just seeing what regular, olds addiction is. bow a global scale. instead of a handful of family members and loved ones seeing an addict falling apart, whether it's the world seeing them all of a sudden. >> you know what, maureen, i appreciate your honesty and your candor about this. and i think a lot of people will hopefully -- hopefully a lot of people will learn a lesson. thank you, maureen o'connor from >> sure, thanks. how does this keep happening? another group has hacked its way into a sensitive computer expert. our tech expert will tell us about it coming up next. our pipes just don't work as well as they should. sometimes, i worry my pipes might leak. but i learned there's something more i can do.
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4:40 pm
an international group of computer hackers with the flair for the dramatic. they call themselves anonymous. this week the group claims it hacked nato and now is sitting on about a gigabyte of
4:41 pm
restricted information. another gup affiliated with anonymous also hacked "the sun." the paper owned by rupert murdoch, who's got plenty of other hacking headaches of his own right now. here's what the group did to the front page. faking a story about murdoch dying. anonymous and like-minded groups rely on the faceless, the nameless nature of the internet to get away with their trespasses. but authorities say they know who at least some of them are. this week the fbi arrested 16 alleged members of anonymous here in the u.s. and another five in europe. most of them are charged in the cyber-attack on paypal in december. hackers at paypal, mastercard and visa, after they cut ties with the whistleblower site wikileaks. they've become famous for videos like these -- ♪ >> as a wise man once said, an
4:42 pm
era doesn'ttened on depend -- doesn't depend on a state until you refuse to correct it. >> all right. i want to bring in our tech expert now. daniel seberg. what do we know about who anonymous is? >> reporter: as you might imagine, a group who calls itself anonymous, they do not want to know -- do not want you to know who they are. they like to portray themselves as everywhere and nowhere. they're your neighbor. they're a kid down the street. they're a business person. they don't even like to think of themselves as an organization. more of just an idea. so it's very hard to pin down where these people are and who they are. we do know that they're scattered around the world. they're across the country. but it's hard to know how many people are involved. they even say you can't become part of anonymous, you just sort of are part of anonymous. obviously a shady, shadowy group that's existing out there in a sort of virtual world.
4:43 pm
>> what do they want? >> that's a great question, don. they want a number of things. i think, first of all, you could say they want openness. they don't like the idea of secrets, you talked about what they did with regards to wikileaks. they wanted to sort of punish some of the companies that cut off the funding to wikileaks. so paypal, a number of credit card companies. they really sort of have this idea of pushing the boundaries with information, getsing it out there with people. that's why this nato attack, they're not happy with what nato's been doing with certain countries. and so they've -- they've tried to have that sort of approach to what they do. that said, there's a fine line between this sort of civil disobedience and, say, cyber-terrorism. if you're the victim of something like this, you would say it's more of a cyber-terrorism. on the other hand, they like to think that they've got this -- what they call hacktivism. hacking combined with activism. they were going against science
4:44 pm
willing to for a while, and -- scientology for a while, and it got people on their side because it's a fairly controversial organization. again, very, very sorts of gray area had -- very sort of gray area when you talk about their mission. >> hacktivism. first time i've heard that. listen, you said they've been going against groups. do they only go against groups, or do they go against individuals? >> primarily they go against groups. however, occasionally they go against individuals within these groups. you talked about lowell sec t going after sony, occasionally they've gone after employees in sony. you've talked about going after credit card companies. but what ends up happening is the way that they sometimes try to shut down the web sites is through something called a denial of service attack. they harness the power of thousands if not millions of computers to overwhelm a particular web site with data and with traffic. and they do that by getting control of, say, your computer or my computer, and they've harnessed the power of all of these all at once. and that's not always how they
4:45 pm
do this. but you could be inadvertently part of one of these attacks. that said, again, they primarily go after these big targets. >> i remember the malware service attack against twitter a while back. i've got to ask you this before we're out of time, but what's the book again? is it the -- "the digital diet"? >> the book is called "the digital diet: the four-step plan to break your tech addiction and regain balance in n your life." about trying to manage your technology overload. something i've had to do over the years. >> you were kind enough to come in. we are happy to promote the book for you. appreciate it. steve harvey has many roles -- comedian, radio host, actor, author. bun of his proudest is being a mentor. and in tonight's perry's principles, he tells steve perry that we are in danger of losing an entire generation if we don't turn things around. ♪ >> reporter: comedian steve harvey believes being a man is
4:46 pm
no joke. >> real men respect women. real men go to work every day. that's what real men do. >> reporter: since 2009, harvey's monitoring weekend has welcomed teen boys from single mom households. it's an all-male event with a heavy dose of tough love. >> we have a program that works. and we give them a snapshot of what manhood is. >> reporter: harvey's wife, marjorie, hosts girls who rule the world to promote self-esteem and leadership. >> mentoring gives a child what to shoot for. it's a new target. instead of what they see in their neighborhoods. >> and it's also giving the kids to understand about making the right decisions. you have to be accountable. >> reporter: lesson both steve and marjorie learned from their dads. >> my father taught me so many lessons. the way a man should treat a woman. the way a father is supposed to be. >> my father was the greatest
4:47 pm
influence in my life. you got to find somebody to be like, and that's why i -- i'm messed up for kids that don't have fathers, man. >> reporter: what's something that you think people should know about how they can be impactful? >> we all have stuff that we deal with, but we can learn from each other. >> we've got to turn these boys around. we're losing a generation here, man. we're spiraling out of control unless we stop it. >> reporter: steve perry, atlanta. next on cnn -- ♪ bring me back >> our breaking news tonight, grammy winner amy wayne houineh found dead. reaction next.
4:48 pm
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♪ just trying to make me go to rehab ♪ ♪ i won't go, go, go >> wow, that's amy winehouse singing her hit, "rehab." its lyrics carry a sorrowful significance right now. as we reported, london police found the grammy award winner
4:51 pm
dead today in her apartment. they don't know how she died at this point, but winehouse became as well known for her addiction problems as her talent. and cnn entertainment correspondent shannon cook joins us now. you know, she was only around for a short time, but i'm wondering how much of an impact did winehouse have on her industry, shannon? >> well, you're right, don, her time in the spotlight was somewhat brief, but it was profound. people were very struck by winehouse's quirky sense of style. she had the cat eyes, the big beehive, the thattootattoos, bus her voice that was really, really captivating. it was a really refreshing voice that harkened back to '60s soul. really refreshing given how stale the pop scene was at the time. and her high point was most likely the grammys in 2008, don, when she took home five awards for her very acritically acclaimed album "back to black." but sadly, to appear at those
4:52 pm
grammys, she actually had to be let out of rehab. so her antics and self-destructive behavior plagued her career every step of the way. >> yeah. it was interesting, because some people need that extra push of publicity, and so they do things that are outrageous. she didn't need that because she was so talented. it was just a part of her life that she was dealing, obviously. she was 27 years old, shanon, and now people are noticing an eerie trend with that age. is it really a trend or is it lore? >> it's really hard to say, but there's unofficial thing called the 27 club, which in order to be in this club, you have to die at the age of 27, as a famous musician. you know, kurt cobain was 27 when he died. jimi hendrix, janis joplin, jim morrison, and now amy winehouse. of course, some people think there's some cultish connection here.
4:53 pm
but it's important to realize that many, many musicians have died and they weren't 27 at the time. but perhaps there's something to it. perhaps by the time these young stars reach this age, they're burnt out from all the touring, from the hard living, from the drain of the spotlight. but i think more than likely, it's just coincidence, don. >> because there were a number of singers who die at 21, yet there's not a 21 club. sad that these people died at that age, but i'm not really sure that it is a trend or a curse, as they say. twitter is employeei iblowing u celebrities mourning the death of amy winehouse, shanon. >> absolutely. one of the most heart-felt tweets i would like to share with you came from kelly osbourne, who was really good friends with amy winehouse. in fact, she actually helped winehouse enter rehab at one point. she said, "i can't even breathe right now. i'm crying so hard. i just lost one of my best
4:54 pm
friends. i love you forever amy and will never forget if real you." and the artist moby tweeted something interesting. he was at the concert in serbia that amy winehouse attended really recently and she was really drunk on stage, it was quite a disaster. and moby tweeted that he was sorry that he didn't help her. also, mark ronsen, the producer of winehouse's "back to black" album, he said in a statement, "she was my musical soul mate and like a sister to me. this is one of the saddest days of my life." don? >> moby saying, i was there and i wish i had been able to help her. and mark ronsen, a very famous producer, people say, oh, he made her famous, and he says, no, i think i'm in this position because of amy winehouse. shannon cook, thank you. we don't want to be silenced. we're going to continue to struggle and continue doing what we do. we want to continue to make the world a better place and we want to continue with our politics. we want to show them that they're not going to shoot us to
4:55 pm
silence. >> we'll have the very latest on those horrific terror attacks in norway. maybe, it's something you haven't seen yet. the 2nd generation of intel core processors. this is visibly smart. can be even more powerful, with precise pain relieving cream. it blocks pain signals fast for relief precisely where you need it most. precise. only from the makers of tylenol.
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4:58 pm
police aren't ruling out the possibility that others are involved. local media are identifying this man as the lone suspect in custody now. his name is anders behring breivik. described as a right-wing christian fundamentalist. 85 people died when a gunman opened fire on a youth camp run by the ruling labor party. we're tracking developments this hour from washington on the debt ceiling talks. congressional leaders from both parties held a late-afternoon meeting, trying to forge some sort of deal. republicans still want spending cuts, but no tax increases. democrats still insist higher tax revenues must be part of any deal. both sides are hoping for a compromise in the next 24 hours. police in london are still trying to determine how singer amy winehouse died. her body was found in her london apartment today. the grammy winner was known for her troubles with drugs and alcohol addiction. she recently cut short her european tour after being incoherent on stage. she reentered rehab only to leave a week later. winehouse was 27 years old.
4:59 pm
cnn founder ted turner is being honored for his commitment to philanthropy. he received the service legacy award here in atlanta from singer usher's new look foundation, which mentors young people. in recent years, turner has devoted himself to environmental conservation, youth empowerment, and other causes. >> i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful, wonderful honor. and i believe service is extremely important and giving back is important and i try to do it in my daily life and to be recognized by this wonderful organization means a lot to me. >> congratulations to cnn founder, ted turner. want to tell you that usher started his new look foundation 12 years ago. 500 young people from around the world came to atlanta this past weekend to attend the conference and awards event. goodtu


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